Ludo and Dave talk Mozart

Ludovic Morlot (one of Seattle’s most influential people!) and Dave Beck (one of our favorite classical radio hosts!) continue their conversation at the Volunteer Park Cafe where they’ve been discussing the backstory to some of this season’s programming.

Here they talk about the challenges and rewards of performing Mozart’s Requiem and why it was paired with Strauss’ Metamorphosen – a work which was finished toward the end of World War II and quotes part of the funeral march from Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony.

Join us! Tickets are still available: October 30, November 1 & 2.

Family Concerts: Beethoven Lives Upstairs

IMG_0111 - Version 2

Little did the orchestra know, but Beethoven was actually upstairs during the rehearsal for Beethoven Lives Upstairs, our first family concert of the season on Saturday, October 25, 11:00am.

What happens when a “madman” moves upstairs? Embark on the story of young Christoph and discover the genius of master composer Ludwig van Beethoven, who has taken the upstairs apartment of our hero’s Vienna home.

Pre-concert activities begin at 10am in the Grand Lobby.
More information and tickets available here.


Hello from Nicholas McGegan!

Few people have a passion for Baroque music like the Grammy-nominated Music Director of the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, Nicholas McGegan. He’s back in Seattle and excited about the three shows he’ll be conducting, beginning tonight, which will feature music by Bach and Telemann.

We were able to catch him backstage between rehearsals and between conversations with one of our librarians, Robert Olivia.