Tweet if you love Beethoven’s Sixth.

Apropos of texting encores at the symphony: the National Symphony Orchestra is now bringing Twitter to the concert venue, namely the Filene Center lawn at Wolf Trap.

The New York Times Arts Beat blog reports that NSO Associate Conductor Emil de Cou has crafted a series of tweets that will function as real-time program notes at the July 30 performance of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6. De Cou describes the initiative as “an adult musical pop-up book written for first timers and concert veterans alike.”

Here’s how it works: the timed tweets will coincide with the programmatic elements in Beethoven’s “Pastoral” Symphony — for example, when Beethoven’s woodwinds wind up to mimic birdsong, concert-goers who are tuned into Twitter will get a heads up.

The Baltimore Sun‘s Clef Notes blog covers the Twitter breakthrough, too, and the comments both villify and venerate the NSO’s tech-friendly idea. What’s your take? Tweeted program notes: Yeah or nay?